Thursday, March 18, 2010

hello strangers

Hey y'all. I'm back for a bit, although I have been quietly reading all blogs these past 5 weeks. I took a much needed break from the TTC madness. I enjoyed a very happy Mardi Gras, followed by a bit of a stressful mid-term, and now on to spring and all. Throwing away all the TTC was helpful in getting back my mental self. I was so obsessed with POAS for ovulation, etc., and it all became too overwhelming. Things that I have been doing, though, are as follows:

1. TCM and acupuncture: This has been, if anything, a complete miracle as far as AF goes. My first real cycle post-lap was when I was first starting TCM and my cramps sucked. The last two cycles I have had no cramps. Yup, you read that correctly. None. Zip. Zilch. I asked Dr. A and she said that yes, in Chinese medicine, it is believed to just get a period and it should be no big deal. Hmm... why am I just finding this out?

2. Diet and exercise: pretty much the same (sans Mardi Gras badness). I am conscious of my food choices, eat whole and real foods most of the time, still drink green tea, and still exercise somewhat regularly. Between yoga and jogging, I feel good. I've lost some weight (not that I really needed to, but I had some butt-sagging that is picking up and some belly fat that has disappeared). So I look and feel good.

3. We are still TTC which means we are having regular sex concentrated during my O times. I am listening to my body and paying attention to its signals. I am still having mid-cycle bleeding and ovulation pain, though, and Dr. A thinks that's not really a good sign. Today I had both, but at least that means I'm mid-cycle.

4. I think I am going to push for meds next cycle if this one doesn't pan out. In addition, I plan to request IUI just to make sure those swimmers get up there. The total cost will be around $1200 for everything, and DH is ready to go whenever I decide.

5. I feel more relaxed and more human. This "break" with blogging and temping and peeing allowed me to just be me. Thank you for that time. Thank you for the reflection.