Tuesday, May 24, 2011

blogger is sucking it right now

I can't comment on any blogs right now. Blogger is screwing up. If you posted in the last few days, I'm reading and listening and will comment as soon as blogger stops this madness!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

24 Weeks?!

Today I opened my email and babybump reminded me that we are 24 weeks along. Holy crappola, I say. I can't even believe the time has doubled since I saw the little survivor bean in the ultrasound. I am so incredibly lucky to be here right now. I still can't believe it. Bebe's been quite busy bouncing around the belly. Bebe must be getting big because I can see movement about an inch or so above my belly button and all the way down at the same time. Kicking and punching, I suppose.

I am on my break right now, but the break has been busy. We are furiously working on renovating the back room to make it a master suite. Floors are being installed as I write this. The coats of polyurethane are being applied next weekend, so DH and I are skipping town to escape from the fumes. I am not quite sure where we will go since the Mississippi River flooding is screwing up all the cute places we like to go in Louisiana and Mississippi. We wanted to do a Delta Blues tour, but the poor Delta is screwed right now. It's tough to do all this research to find a dog friendly B&B, but I'm on it.

I decided that at 24 weeks, I was going to stop running, even if I get the urge. I am peeing a lot (or at least feeling the urge to pee a whole lot more), so my thoughts are that the baby is big now, and I don't want any premature labor happening because of the running.

Happy Wednesday to you all.