Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One beautiful baby karate kicking

This was the result of my appointment with a MFM doc: "You don't need to see us again."

I have one beautiful baby measuring ahead of schedule by about 3 days at 12w2d. The twins died, and based on their size, but it was hard for him to tell since the lab reports from the RE had two different measurements and he didn't know which was B or C.

I asked why I didn't bleed or anything, and he said that the body just absorbs it. I find that very interesting.

I made an appointment with my regular OB for a week from Friday.

So, I am pregnant, officially and truly pregnant, and I am happy. The baby has a bladder, a strong heartbeat that I got to hear, legs, arms, and the nuchal fold was 1.12 mm, which is good and puts me in the low risk category.

Ladies, I am pregnant!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No clear answers yet

I want to thank you all for your supportive comments during this rough time. My pregnancy happiness and surprise became overshadowed by the results of the 8 week ultrasound. At that US, one twin was bigger than the other (by almost a week), and they share the same sac and placenta. I think the term is monoamniotic, which is bad bad. The heartbeats for both twins were low for an 8 week ultrasound. The singleton seemed to be right on track, though.

I am extremely thankful for getting pregnant, and much like any infertile, extremely terrified about losing it all. I was fortunate to have both embryos implant on my first IVF try, and surprised, shocked, and elated to find out that two actually meant three.

But since this is all out of my control, I chose to let things just be. I have my first maternal fetal appointment next Tuesday. I will be 12 weeks then. I will find out what's going on with the babies, if they are all surviving inside my crazy body, and what the next trimester looks like for me. This has been an extremely hard 3 weeks for DH and me, but it has been a test of patience, love, and letting go.

I am pretty sure I am still pregnant, though. I have a pretty awful puking session every morning, and I am tired and hungry all the time, so that's good. I've gained maybe 4 pounds, and I am not really showing. I think I am still preggo, but based on the slight change in my body, I am thinking it isn't with 3 anymore.

I'll post some more when I have news next week. Thanks for sticking by me.