Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back from the doc

38w1d, and baby is moving in the right direction. Doc says I am over 50% effaced, still 1 cm dialted, but that the baby is at -2 to -1 station, soft cervix. This is a whole lot better than last week's doom and gloom c-section talk appointment. Phew!!

I can't say for sure if the acupuncture is what did it, but I believe it did do somthing to me on Tuesday! I go back on Monday.

Here's a link to a website where you can download a file that goes through acupressure points for labor. It's only 21 pages or so. I printed it out, put it in a binder, and told DH he has homework to do before Monday's acupuncture appointment. She said she would show him how to do these properly. I love my acupuncturist!!!

Ok. Back to my work now. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Acupuncture action

I had my first acupuncture appointment today since before the transfer last December, and boy did it work. Immediately I started feeling BH, then by the time I got back to my office, I had some pretty strong contractions with (gulp) some serious sensations (I'm using hypnobirthing method, so "pain" and "contraction" are not supposed to be in my vocab). The strong waves continued until I was able to get home and lie down. I was even walking to my car and had to stop to breathe for a second. Let's hope this starts moving baby down and opening up the cervix a bit. My next dr. appointment is Thursday, so hopefully I will have made some progress.

School started back this week, and I managed to get super organized with my courses for the sub to take over once I have this bebe. I'm taking 6 weeks off, so I needed to do course planning to the tenth week just in case I went late. I normally am not that set with the weekly plans. I like to see how the class evolves and set lesson plans every two weeks. Nevertheless, if I went into labor tomorrow, I'd feel comfortable knowing I can disappear and both students and subs are in the know.

38 weeks tomorrow, and I feel fantastic. Really. I remember scheduling my classes with the dean last spring, thinking about how I thought I would feel when the fall semester started. Two of my classes are in a building that is a good 10 minute walk from my office, and I remember being a bit pissed that the dean couldn't change the class to a closer classroom since I'd be 9 months pregnant. Today, I am glad I have my class where it is. The walk does not bother me at all, even in this sweltering 90 plus degree weather. I am also fortunate to not have any swelling or issues with BP. Yeah, the heartburn returned, but alas, that is my only complaint. It's been a heck of a ride, and although I have enjoyed having bebe rolling around, playing kickball with my kidneys, I am ready to meet him/her and begin my new role in this life. This is in no way an official eviction notice for the bebe; if he/she needs more time, I'm totally Ok with that. I just cannot believe that after all these years of such sadness, hopelessness, and fear, I will be meeting my child soon. I love you, bebe!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Doc, shut the hell up

Had another weekly appointment today. I am 37 weeks, and still only 1cm. So, doc starts discussing the probability that the baby won't drop and I'll be looking at a c-section. HUH WTF? I'm 37 weeks. Why is she being so quick to cut me open?

The baby is head down. I haven't had an ultrasound since 18 weeks. My BP is 110/60. I've only gained 25 pounds. My urine is fine.

My appointment was at 9:15 this morning, and I've been a fuming pissy beyotch the whole day. I contacted my acupuncturist and she is taking me next Tuesday to do some work on me until the end.

Help! Can I change doctors this late? I know I am going to have to talk to her, maybe tomorrow or next week, and reiterate my wishes for a natual birth UNLESS there is some medical reason that makes it necessary for either me or the baby.

I don't like this.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

balls! gram b strep positive!

Oh man this sucks! I get the dreaded positive gram b test! Boo! Hiss! Yes, I am googling the piss out of it, but all signs point to a penicillin drip every 4 hours. At least this guarentees me that my doc will not strip my membranes. I can begin to labor naturally and not have to worry about interventions.

Oh, and less vag checks, too.

On that note, I am 36w1d today and am 1 cm dialated. This means nothing as baby still hasn't dropped, and my cervix is still high, but doc says that the baby is doing a textbook kind of progression. Yeah to baby!

Off to google some more.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Planned birth plan, still to be discussed with doc

Here is the birth plan we've come up with. Much of this I stole from other's birth plans, so feel free to use any of my fine bulletpoints (hahaha).

Yeah, you can see I am trying to maintain a drug free birth. I am also hoping to model labor from hypnobirthing, I wanted to insist that DH be the only person who talks to me so I can block out all other stuff and focus on breathing and meditation.

Ha! We'll see if this works. I am hoping. I've been practicing for quite some time. I am ready!!

Birth Plan

*It is well understood that things may happen during labor/delivery and we are flexible, but we would like to have our wishes respected as long as mother & baby are safe. If at any time there are concerns about our wishes, please consult with (hubby). He will then consult with me.

Early Labor
• Please direct all questions to my birth partner, (hubs). He will consult with me.
•Please allow us as much privacy as possible during early labor.
• Please do not offer me pain medication; if I need it I will ask.
•If possible, I would like few internal exams.
•If internal exams are necessary, please do not announce my progress unless asked.
• I do not want the amniotic membrane broken unless absolutely required.
• I would like to try natural methods of movement/position/stimulation before using Pitocin.
• I would like to avoid a c-section, unless absolutely necessary.
• I would like to explore any and all natural methods of pain management including hydrotherapy, breathing, and especially movement.

Final Labor
• Please do not offer me pain medication; if I need it I will ask.
• Please help us to keep the mood of the room calm and soothing.
• Please help me with positions that will avoid tearing.
• No episiotomy.
• I would like coaching on when and when not to push to help avoid tearing.
• I would like (hubs) to announce sex of baby.
• I would like to allow time for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut so the baby gets all remaining cord blood.

• Put on mother’s chest immediately after birth.
• Please delay bath for as long as possible.
• I plan to breastfeed; please NO pacifier, formula, or sugar water.
• We would like to decline the eye drops/gel.
• I would like to meet with a lactation consultant while at the hospital.
• I would like to avoid any separation from baby if it all possible; if separation is needed, I would like (hubs) to be with the baby at all times.
**In case of c-section**
• I would like to hold my baby immediately
• I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today marks 35 weeks with 35 days left. If I were 35 years old, this numerology thing would be way cooler. Nevertheless, I am in the throes of major prep.

1. Stocked up on nipple balm, bottom balm, and bottom spray (all for me post partum) here. I read another blogger talk about the spray so I thought I should try it.

2. Bought a pretty pushers gown. I bought mine on ebay for $24.99 and it is all black. I tried in on yesterday when it came in. For those of you who might want this, here's the scoop on how it fits. I am 5'5", normally 120-125, right now pushing 150. My bbs are 36B. This gown in comes in two sizes: 2-16 and plus. I bought the 2-16 and it fits perfectly. There is some room around the bust, but there are ties to support it, so if you have bigger bbs that me, it'll fit. I just don't want to wear that god awful hospital gown. I thought about buying gownies, but the maternity store by my house had these, and they were more expensive and still big and awkward.
Oh, by the way, the name "Pretty pushers" really disturbs me, too.

3. I was planning to get a brazilian wax. I am chickening out. Why??? Should I do it? Are you going to do it?

I also had my first of many weekly appointments with the OB yesterday. She did the gram b swab and a cervical check. I'm still closed but getting softer. We also did the hospital tour yesterday. It was sweet to see DH go soft when we saw the well nursery. He just stared and stared. All the babies were pretty much passed out but so cute. I think he is totally starting to get that this is really happening. I have to call and arrange a birthing tub to be ready for my labor. I can't birth in it, but I do want it for labor just in case.

Oh, and since it is so darn hot around here, DH and I saw two movies on Monday: Crazy Stupid Love and Bad Bosses. Both are great; Crazy Stupid Love was actually really really cute. I highly recommend them both!