Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today marks 35 weeks with 35 days left. If I were 35 years old, this numerology thing would be way cooler. Nevertheless, I am in the throes of major prep.

1. Stocked up on nipple balm, bottom balm, and bottom spray (all for me post partum) here. I read another blogger talk about the spray so I thought I should try it.

2. Bought a pretty pushers gown. I bought mine on ebay for $24.99 and it is all black. I tried in on yesterday when it came in. For those of you who might want this, here's the scoop on how it fits. I am 5'5", normally 120-125, right now pushing 150. My bbs are 36B. This gown in comes in two sizes: 2-16 and plus. I bought the 2-16 and it fits perfectly. There is some room around the bust, but there are ties to support it, so if you have bigger bbs that me, it'll fit. I just don't want to wear that god awful hospital gown. I thought about buying gownies, but the maternity store by my house had these, and they were more expensive and still big and awkward.
Oh, by the way, the name "Pretty pushers" really disturbs me, too.

3. I was planning to get a brazilian wax. I am chickening out. Why??? Should I do it? Are you going to do it?

I also had my first of many weekly appointments with the OB yesterday. She did the gram b swab and a cervical check. I'm still closed but getting softer. We also did the hospital tour yesterday. It was sweet to see DH go soft when we saw the well nursery. He just stared and stared. All the babies were pretty much passed out but so cute. I think he is totally starting to get that this is really happening. I have to call and arrange a birthing tub to be ready for my labor. I can't birth in it, but I do want it for labor just in case.

Oh, and since it is so darn hot around here, DH and I saw two movies on Monday: Crazy Stupid Love and Bad Bosses. Both are great; Crazy Stupid Love was actually really really cute. I highly recommend them both!


Fairytale Ending said...

Thanks for the info about the Pretty Pushers. I bought a Gownies online but am returning it. I'm 5'8" and while the length is fine in general, the snaps in the back don't go down far enough to sufficiently cover the lady parts if/when I have to bend over in it. And when I unsnapped the top for easy boob access, I had to pull it forward a little. So, not the best option for tall people.

I thought about the Brazilian but am so sensitive down there right now that I'm going to take my chance with Hubby and a razor. I'm not sure which is more scary, but Hubby is cheaper than the Brazilian:)

Try and stay cool!!

Alex said...

Woohoo - 35 weeks! So very exciting! Thanks for the info on the postpartum products, I definitely think I will be purchasing some items from there. And brazilians scare me - I will be keeping trim with an electric shaver, and that's about it. So afraid of the pain...

Movies are great in the heat - I've been frequenting them too!

Jill said...

I was sent home from the hospital with a can of the numbing spray. Highly recommended!

I just, umm, kept in short and neat down there. I had never had a professional wax and was afraid there would be irritation I would have to attend to and not be able to see it! :p

Good luck!

Panamahat said...

Wow, you're nearly there! Good luck with the last minute organising and prep. xx

Allison said...

Thanks for the links! Didn't think about bottom spray... will have to check that out. I can say that nipple balm is awesome (uh, no, no baby yet, just some weird irritation in those areas). Little weird to get used to rubbin' something on there, but it has made a world of difference.

So sweet that your hubby teared up at the nursery!! :)


Kari said...

The hospital issued numbing spray was a lifesaver. I hope for your sake your kid doesn't have a big noggin like mine did. I can't believe how quickly time seemed to fly, I remember how antsy I was at this point though so I know for you it may not feel like it's going very fast. I can't wait until you get to hold that sweet babe in your arms!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the links... I might just have to buy a few more things :)

Congrats on 35 weeks! So close to the end.
I was also thinking about getting a wax, but have decided not too- I just can not work up the courage. I have just been shaving blindly- and just pretty much trusting that I am doing a great job!

My husband and were going to see Crazy stupid love last week-end and ended up doing something else. But it is now on the agenda again for this week-end!

Roccie said...

Ask at the hospital for the nipple cream. They will probably give you the good stuff that is pure lanolin. The thing is, you dont need a lot of it, you just need one everywhere in your house. All the places you BF should have it handy. It is just too damn much work to get up and get it. Plus it isnt cheap. I still have leftovers 2 years later from my hospital samples. They will expire soon - what a pity.

Push outfits CRACK ME UP! I am hooked.

Wax? Hmm. I used to think it was sexy until I had a daughter. This could be your last hurrah...

Happy 35!