Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Third Trimester Changes

34 weeks tomorrow:

1. Heartburn stopped. Yup. It's been, oh, almost 2 weeks and my digestive tract decided to start behaving again.

2. Urge to pee doesn't even mean that there is pee to expel. Grhhh...my every two hour pee alarms are sometimes drip drip drip.

3. Major basketcase emotionally. First, I started reading A Dog's Purpose, and I can't stop crying....like every 4 pages I'm bawling.

4. Because of major emotional issues, even movies are making me nuts. We watched Blue Valentine last night, and I cried for, oh, 20 minutes when the dog was found dead on the highway. In the first 5 minutes of the movie. What's wrong with me???

5. Said mood changes have now left me acting like a total beyotch, specifically the fact that DH cannot pick up after himself, so I started leaving all his shit (dishes, coffee cups) where ever he left them last. It's been 5 days, and he is sure to run out of a coffee cup soon. Gee, you think he'll notice it then? Yes, total passive aggressive, but WTF slob?

6. Baby moves are slower and (ouch) harder now.

7. The television makes me nuts now. I can't channel surf and I get annoyed at the sound of the TV now. Hello! I am missing out on my shows!!

8. Getting in and out of the car is hard now. My legs don't move from the ground to the floor of the car without me concentrating on that manuever. Dork.

9. I want a glass of wine! I haven't been even remotely interested in drinking since pre-IVF, but the last week, wine in on my mind.

10. Saw myself in a full-length mirror for the first time in about 16 weeks. Yikes! My belly is huge. I am carrying long and out in front. Yikes!


Ashley said...

I can't comment on the slob business as I am the slob of the house here, but everything else is normal!! You can have a few sips of wine. Don't tell anyone I told you that. I can't wait until your munchkin gets here!!!!

Jill said...

It's almost over now! I remember crying around that same # of weeks because I couldn't figure out where to hang a picture in my family room. Like full on bawling. At least I recognized even then it was ridiculous.

Hang in there, can't wait to hear all about baby!! Best of luck!

Kari said...

Getting closer!! Sounds pretty normal to me. And the wine...yeah had my first drink since March '09 to celebrate weaning last week...it was LONG overdue!! :) Excited that you're getting closer!!

Gurlee said...

You make me laugh! I am sorry you are struggling but it will be all well worth it!
Love Blue Valentine. That scene was indeed very sad.

Anonymous said...

No more heart burn? That is awesome- any special tricks or did it just magically go away?

I steer far, far away from full length mirrors- right now they are the enemy! I think seeing myself in all its glory would cause me to have an emotional breakdown :)
Congrats on 34 weeks!

Circus Princess said...

Hahahaha, the worst thing is it gets worse before it gets better. The best thing is, it gets so much better:) My advise, have one glass of wine when you're ready for labor.

Alex said...

Yay for no more heartburn! The rest? Ugh... Hang in there! And have a few sips of wine...

My Infertile Confessions said...

I hear you on the peeing front! I wake up about every 2 hrs every night now... NOT FUN!