Thursday, July 21, 2011

trip to L&D

I feel like the post I am about to write is one that many many ladies seem to experience. So, all day yesterday, bebe was acting crazy. The little squirt was flip flopping and kicking and punching, and all day (all day), I was having pretty regular BH. I got home around 4:00 from work and did what a good preggar is supposed to do: lie down and drink water. Contractions continued, and when I was paying attention, they were around 5-7 minutes apart.

7:00 rolls around and it's still happening. Dh is a work, so I am left to google (Oh google!) about BH and preterm labor. I started actually tracking the BH with the ipod app and sure enough, they were every 5-7 minutes and lasted about 30-45 seconds.

At 9:00ish, I said to myself, "If I have another, I'm calling the doc."

Had another.

Waited, thinking this was the last one.

Had another. Fuck. It's 9:06.

I'll call the doc if I have one more.

This cycle continued until 9:30 when I finally called the doc. She suggested L&D trip, So I let the dog out and headed over. I live 5 minutes from the hospital. I called DH and left him a message. By 10:00 I was hooked up to the monitors and sure enough, they were coming every 5-6 minutes. The nurse checked my cervix and it was tight and closed, so the doc said to put me on IV fluids and shoot me up with Brethine. Sometime around 11:00pm I had hubs in the room, the IV dripping, and the shot making me feel like I just drank 50 cups of coffee. I only needed one shot because it worked wonders. My uterus stopped contracting and all was good. I was discharged shortly before midnight and given an Ambien. Yikes! Within 10 minutes, I was loopy and went to bed.

Had a regularly scheduled appoinment with the Ob today, and she basically said that I'm all good and that the Brethine was like a bitch slap to the uterus to stop it from its irritability. Um, "bitch slap" is my words, not the docs. How funny would it be to hear the doc say that.

So, moral of the story: I have none. I am glad I called the doctor even though there was nothing really wrong other than a spazzy uterus. Oh, and Ambien is nutty.


Kari said...

Ugh sorry for the L&D trip. So glad it all turned out well!!

My Infertile Confessions said...

I think EVERY pregnant woman has at least one trip to the hospital during pregnancy! I had two.

Thankfully, everything is okay with your babe! So stressful and scary!

Calmly Chaotic said...

That sounds like a long day. It's so hard to know when to go in so it's better to be safe then sorry. Glad to hear the BH has settled.

Alex said...

That sounds exhausting, and a little scary. But I'm so glad to hear that your spazzy ute was able to calm down! Very common problem, it seems...

Allison said...

Glad everything is okay!! Better safe than sorry - you were right where you needed to be at that point. Nothing at home would bitch slap your uterus like that. LOL!

Anonymous said...

'bitch slap to the uterus' Too funny- not sure I will ever forget that. I am glad that everything turned out well!

Roccie said...

Holy moly. Not yet little one, not yet. I bet you were sick with worry. You were a good patient with your tracking system.

I hope you did not butter paper and eat it on Ambien but if you did, that is pretty funny.

Take it easy over there, ok?