Monday, November 19, 2012

hand, foot, mouth (and buttocks and legs and arms and eyelids and ears!!)

Oh golly HFM is awful! A was exposed to it last Tuesday at daycare. I received a call Wednesday afternoon from daycare saying that 3 came down with it. So we waited and waited. His classroom was quarantined. Saturday night, fever and no sleep and Sunday arrived with sores and blisters. He spent Sunday in pain. Even with tylenol and advil, he couldn't sit and although he wanted to be held, it hurt him too much. Sunday was bad.

Today was much better. The sores are still there and even more red than yesterday. I took him to the doctor to confirm this diagnosis. And now we just manage the pain and sores and let the virus take its course.

I hope none of your little ones contract this awful awful virus (and I am praying that I somehow side step it, too).

On another note, I am 14w today. I had my ob appointment with no ultrasound, but I did get a NT scan last week. Nuchal fold is 1.2 and baby looks good. The only problem I have is that baby's placenta is covering my cervix. I am going back for another U/S  at week 17 or 18 (I can't remember) to check the status. I hope and pray this moves out of the way of the cervix.

Do you have any placenta covering the cervix stories? Please share!