Monday, July 28, 2014


It's weird to be back in this space. I haven't posted since the birth of #2, although I have thought about it a lot. A will be 3 in September, and O is now 14 months. They are fun and challenging boys.

And after I stopped nursing O at the end of May, AF returned and we have started to TTC for #3. I won't lie. I expected to get preggo right away (just as I did in total shock with #2). However, no BFP in July, and we'll see what happens in early August when I can test again. It's pretty ridiculous that I somehow believe I can or will get preggo on my own. Oh silly me...

We plan to jump into FET. We have 5 frosties, so if AF returns in August, I'll be headed back to the RE for the FET.

FET scares me a bit. We aren't rich and will be scrounging to afford the $4000 for the FET and meds. I was first adamant about doing single embryo transfer, but the stats are pretty abysmal for FET at my age (39). All my frosties are 5AA, so top quality. RE recommends at least two. Two makes me nervous.