Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update, a tad bit late

I've been dealing with a couple of sickos this past week. DH brought home a nasty cold and passed it to little A, so between the two boys, I've been mopping up snot left and right. Ha! to those who say that BFing keeps germs away. Bullcrap I say!

Anyway, A had his 3 month check up and a round of shots. He weighs just shy of 13 pounds and is 24 1/2 inches long. He gained an inch and a pound since the last visit. Oh, and his head is 41 cm, so he grew 1 cm in a month, too. He also had two vaccines--one was hep B which I was reluctant to give him. I mean, he isn't planning on having sex or sharing needles quite yet, but I felt pressured to give in. I dunno. I hate this whole vaccinate against any and everything crap. Measles, mumps, Ok. Chicken pox though?  I know. I know. I should be thankful that we do have the technology and the know, but somehow, as it is with hep B, I know that it is ultimately about profits for drug companies. I am not even vaccinated against hep B, so why push it on a little infant. The doc scared DH, so he wanted to go with it. I am 50 percent of the decision maker, and I didn't want to fight about it.

Back to breastfeeding---since he's been sick, he's been on the boob every hour or so around the clock. Seems like the strike is over for now. The doctor wasn't too concerned. She did note that his weight gain slowed down, so to just make sure he is getting a boob every 3-4 hours during the day. Since he's been sick, I moved the chaise into his room and have been sleeping next to him. Any phlegm wakes him and he gets pissed. Plus I like the comfort of knowing I am right there if he needs me. It's been kinda sweet sleeping near him again. We put him in his crib when he was about 4 weeks old, so it is nice to be back by his side.

It is funny to think of a year ago---I was POAS every day, got my first beta, closed on this dream house we are living in. And now? DH and I had dinner after we put A down on Xmas eve, and as I was plating the potatoes, he said, "Think about it---next year instead of dinner after he goes to bed, we'll be wrapping presents for Xmas morning." I wept in the potatoes. Like, sobbing, and I turned to him and hugged him. I said nothing to him but was thinking that this was the first time we connected in a long long time.

I hope you all had a merry xmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three (!) Months

Tomorrow is 3 months. Three months seems like a silly thing, yet I can't believe I am here, typing those words and giving an update on bebe A. He is getting big, and we go to the doc for his 3 month check-up Thursday, so I'll get the weight stats then. I can tell he is growing because he now kicks the arm rest of the glider when he nurses.

Speaking of nursing, about 2 weeks ago, he started rejecting the right breast. I didn't think much of it, especially because he'll take it when he is half asleep, so I am sure it's not bad milk, mastitis, or the like. Well, last week, he started rejecting both breasts. or at least fighting to drink. His latch, which used to be herculean, is now wimpy. This all happened after I had a couple of work days where DH was in charge from morning until night because I was stuck at school with finals and grading sessions. So, I concluded that A must realize that the bottle is way cooler than the nipple. Lactation consultants told me to stop all bottle and binky use and exclusively breastfeed him. Well, that was an utter (or shall I say udder) fail. I'm not going to let my baby starve, and the truth is that I'd rather go with his needs rather than my own desire to have him nurse directly from me. So I nurse him until he gets antsy, then offer him expressed milk. This has made things oh so much harder because now I am nursing and pumping at each feeding (except the sleepy feeds when he doesn't know any better). I'd like to say that nursing directly from me is what I think is best, but once school starts back up, he'll be hitting the bottle again anyway, so why make things difficult for him in the short term.

Anyone have this issue before? I can't imagine that A is trying to wean himself from me, but who knows. I am a rookie at this---I plan to ask the doc about this Thursday. I read that it might be teething that causes this, or maybe an ear infection. I don't see any signs of the latter, but the teething--I have never seen so much drool before in my life. And his little fingers are prodding and poking at his lower gums. Hmm....

I'll post again soon with pictures and stats. Have a happy Sunday.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Xmas photos, etc.

I took down that last post about marriage. I reread it and felt like I was too bitchy. Things are still lingering around this house, which makes it a bit uncomfortable right now. Plus, MIL is gracing us with her annoyance, ahem, I mean presence. She's pretentious and clingy and hates me and I don't really know why. From what DH has said, she pretty much annoys everyone and she has no friends. That is all too sad, yes, so as long as I can avoid her as much as possible, my weekend will be fantastic.
On a much happier note, I have to turn in grades on Tuesday. Then, my 5 week vacay begins! Yeah! 100 percent Mommy time with my adorable chunk. I have miscellaneous prep to do since I am teaching a course I haven't taught before. But other than that, yipee!