Friday, December 9, 2011

Xmas photos, etc.

I took down that last post about marriage. I reread it and felt like I was too bitchy. Things are still lingering around this house, which makes it a bit uncomfortable right now. Plus, MIL is gracing us with her annoyance, ahem, I mean presence. She's pretentious and clingy and hates me and I don't really know why. From what DH has said, she pretty much annoys everyone and she has no friends. That is all too sad, yes, so as long as I can avoid her as much as possible, my weekend will be fantastic.
On a much happier note, I have to turn in grades on Tuesday. Then, my 5 week vacay begins! Yeah! 100 percent Mommy time with my adorable chunk. I have miscellaneous prep to do since I am teaching a course I haven't taught before. But other than that, yipee!


Stephanie said...

Oh so cute!! And as a furbabe momma with her little one due in February, it makes me happy to see pup and babe happily coexisting :)

Gurlee said...

Wow, he is an adorable chunk, what a great photo. Sorry your still struggling with the hubs, I can't imagine the mil makes it any better.

Jill said...

Love it! C willingly submits to licks at this point - it's all she knows! She bends her head over towards the dogs.

Roccie said...

Dude, you are way too hard on yourself. No need to censor w us.

He looks fabulous - big head holder upper!

Anonymous said...

SO cute! Our cat has yet to 'accept' our babies.
Your little guy is so cute. I love his hat!
Good luck with the MIL- my MIL is a little on the crazy side, so I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Haha. And Sofia totally has ear cheese too. Yuck!

I haad been meaning to write something to you about the previous post. I'll sum it up like this: I totally get it.