Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adios Polly!

That was nothin.' I mean, the D&C was actually like paying a lot of money for a nap. Really. I was wheeled into surgery around 10:00am, they hit me up with some sleepy drugs, and then it was 11:15 when I came to in recovery. I was craving chicken and fries. I saw my hubby back in our "room" at 11:30 and was wheeled out the front door at 12:15. No throat tube and no catheter for my bladder. Ladies, I'm in no pain right now, just some discomfort like I might feel when AF is on the way.

I didn't get to see the doctor after surgery, but she told hubs everything went well. I even got a DVD of the before and after. If I compare the uterus to last year's uterus, I think it looks great! So maybe this chinese medicine thing is working. Today's "before" uterus look healthy and fleshy and pink. Last year's "before" uterus looked bumpy and dark.

I'm feeling quote good. I have papers to grade and DH and I are going to watch a couple of movies for the rest of the evening.

Yeah! We are done with IVF prep. Now I just have to wait for DH's bloodwork to come back from our primary doc to fax to the RE. AF, where are you? Come visit soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Polly the polyp returns

Today I had my sonohysterogram and the results were that the polyp has returned. Yup. Polly the Polyp makes her appearance. This totally sucks, and next Thursday I get the thrill of going through another hysterscopy! Why does this have to be done at the hospital? Surgery? Anesthesia? Fuck!
Y'all, I'm really trying to be positive here. The doc doesn't want to transfer embryos into my uterus unless Polly goes away. Anyone ever get knocked up with suck a jacked up uterus before? I am looking for some anecdotal stories to get me through this.
Oh, and I get to practice abstinence until surgery. WAH!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CD 1, surprise!

Don't you just hate it when AF surprises you? Especially when you are in front of a group of college kids at 8 in the morning, teaching pronoun agreement and cause & effect. Whoosh! At least I wore dark pants and got the heck out of there early. I spent the afternoon just relaxing at home. I should have been grading papers and such, but I wanted a day to myself honestly. I called to schedule the sonohysterogram for next Thursday and all the crazy bloodwork that goes along with it. I find it so silly that I have to get tested for all those lovely STD's and such. Oh well. I know it is protocol, and the insurance company will pay for that part at least. DH has to get his blood work done and he is afraid of needles. Ha! I am afraid of the ultrasound dildocam, but that hasn't stopped me!

I have also been instructed to start low dose aspirin until ? I bought some tonight and boy are those pills tiny! I am back taking my prenatals regularly, and just overall feeling excited about this next step. First, let's hope for a clean uterus next week. I hope the polyps and fibroids haven't taken over the precious space again. That would totally suck, but I am not going to fret about that right now.

Some good news is that I had my regular OB appointment on Tuesday. When I was there, I asked for a full blood work up (thyroid, cholesterol, etc). The doc called today and said all my tests were excellent. I am in good health, and that makes me super happy. The thyroid issue worried me for a second since I hear that thyroid issues may be causes for infertility. Oh, and the cholesterol test worried me because I totally chowed down Popeye's the night before!! Bad bad me! I just can't help it sometimes!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Vegas

I think I am going to rename this blog "My Vegas," because after today, the gamble we are choosing to play is IVF. My consult was today and it went well. I am set to do IVF at the end of November/beginning of December. I'll update the sidebar to tell of the upcoming schedule.

And I left the RE with over half of the meds I need for this procedure. For free. All I need to do it buy Menopur. I can't believe they donated the Bravelle and Gonal-F and Ganirelix!!!!!! This is a huge savings. Don't get me wrong. We'll still be dishing out a bit over 10K for the procedure and around $800 for the Menopur!