Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Acupuncture action

I had my first acupuncture appointment today since before the transfer last December, and boy did it work. Immediately I started feeling BH, then by the time I got back to my office, I had some pretty strong contractions with (gulp) some serious sensations (I'm using hypnobirthing method, so "pain" and "contraction" are not supposed to be in my vocab). The strong waves continued until I was able to get home and lie down. I was even walking to my car and had to stop to breathe for a second. Let's hope this starts moving baby down and opening up the cervix a bit. My next dr. appointment is Thursday, so hopefully I will have made some progress.

School started back this week, and I managed to get super organized with my courses for the sub to take over once I have this bebe. I'm taking 6 weeks off, so I needed to do course planning to the tenth week just in case I went late. I normally am not that set with the weekly plans. I like to see how the class evolves and set lesson plans every two weeks. Nevertheless, if I went into labor tomorrow, I'd feel comfortable knowing I can disappear and both students and subs are in the know.

38 weeks tomorrow, and I feel fantastic. Really. I remember scheduling my classes with the dean last spring, thinking about how I thought I would feel when the fall semester started. Two of my classes are in a building that is a good 10 minute walk from my office, and I remember being a bit pissed that the dean couldn't change the class to a closer classroom since I'd be 9 months pregnant. Today, I am glad I have my class where it is. The walk does not bother me at all, even in this sweltering 90 plus degree weather. I am also fortunate to not have any swelling or issues with BP. Yeah, the heartburn returned, but alas, that is my only complaint. It's been a heck of a ride, and although I have enjoyed having bebe rolling around, playing kickball with my kidneys, I am ready to meet him/her and begin my new role in this life. This is in no way an official eviction notice for the bebe; if he/she needs more time, I'm totally Ok with that. I just cannot believe that after all these years of such sadness, hopelessness, and fear, I will be meeting my child soon. I love you, bebe!


Kari said...

Yay!! I can't wait to "meet" your bebe either!! Enjoy these last days.

Allison said...

Woohoo!!! Glad you're feeling good and also feeling prepared re: work! :)

It's all so close and exciting, isn't it?? Crazy! I've enjoyed sharing this journey "with" you!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to meet you baby!

I'm not an expert or anything, but you don't have to be progressed by only 38 weeks right? I guess I don't know though. I will tell you, doing the nasty will help you out. I know this for a fact, it got me to 3 cm!! :)

Gurlee said...

How fabulous! I am glad you feel great, what an inspiration. You are so close to having the bebe in your arms. I hope acupuncture was helpful.