Monday, April 25, 2011

update and miscellany

Just thought I'd offer up an update since I've been a bad blogger. In bulletpoints for brevity:
--I think I am finally feeling the baby move. All these blogs and everyone discussing their baby's movement made me feel like a doof for not knowing/feeling it. But now I am pretty sure since the bubbly, popping sensation in my belly area is not followed by any noxious odors or loud sounds from my bottom end.
--I was sick to no end from mornng sickness, and no matter what I read or what remedies people offered me, nothing worked. Now as far as this heartburn issue goes, I have found the cure and it's better than popping tums all day (which doesn't work, btw): green apples! A friend of my hubs has acid reflux, and he swears by eating granny smith apples to cure the heartburn. I've been eating them about 2-3 times a day and have had NO heartburn since. Miracle!
--I've gained 10 pounds total so far and I am 21 weeks on Wednesday. Is that enough? I hope so. I'm definitely showing, but maternity pants are too big still, so I am relying on the bella band to hold up the ones I that are still working.
--boobs! I've got boobs! I tried to explain this feeling I am having about my body to my husband, and the only thing I could say is that these boobs aren't mine. I told him to imagine that his penis doubled or tripled in size and stayed that way for a few months. This is a new experience for me since I have always been a tiny 32b. Now they touch my belly when I sit, and I am wearing sweet strapless cute dresses! Yomma!
--exercise: still walking on a regular basis. I've kinda been doing some jogging segments in the midst of walking. I can't help it! I miss running so much, but I stop as soon as I feel weird. What is weird is that sometimes I feel pressure on my bladder so I stop.
--sex: we tried it last night for the first time in a while. I hope it gets better. I think we are both scared something bad will happen, so the actual act is awkward.
--Two weeks from tomorrow I am on vacation for a few weeks until the summer session begins. I can't wait!


Kari said...

Glad to hear things are going well!! Hoping the m/s stays away for good now.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the update! It sounds like you are doing well.

I am definitely going to have to try the granny smith apple trick. They are my least favorite apple BY FAR but if they can help with the heartburn (and man do I have it bad...) then I'm on board.

I think the 10 pounds is probably pretty good so far, but I don't know where you started. What to Expect has a tool online where you can plug in your weight and it shows you your gain in relation to the "healthy" gain - I find it quite useful, especially in terms of knowing if I've gained the "right" amount at the right time...

I think the sex is weird, too. Honestly, as you get more and more movement, it just gets weirder. It did for me, anyway. But good luck! ;)

HopeBPatient said...

fantastic update! so glad to hear all is going well. I've been unsure about movement too. I've felt what I thought was a kind of muscle twitch the last few days in my lower abdomen. My husband pointed out that this might not be my muscles twitching :-) but I'm still unsure. Could just be wishful thinking.

And I'll keep the Granny Smith trick in mind! Haven't had heartburn yet, but I love apples, so it sound like a win!

Alex said...

Oh how exciting to feel the baby move! Way cool!!! And that's very interesting about the green apples - will have to keep that in mind in case heartburn comes along - so far, so good, but who knows!

I'm scared of sex, and both of us are a little nervous about it. Unfortunately I don't see that in our future anytime soon...

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thanks for the Granny smith Apple trick!! I'm definately in need :)

My husband and I had a long convo about sex last night. We've been having it all along, but honestly it just sucks now. Its ackward and uncomfortable. I'm guessing its going to be like this for the long haul, but so worth it ;-)

Fairytale Ending said...

Congrats on crossing that half way mark...that's a major milestone!

I've been feeling my little guy for about two weeks and every once and while still wonder if I need to leave the room or if it's really him. Regardless, it's an indescribably wonderful feeling:)

I think you're weight gain sounds right on track. I'm up 11 lbs at 20 weeks and my doc said it's perfect, especially since I'm tall and still working out (yes, running too) pretty regularly. As long as the baby is growing the way it should, you're doing great!

Enjoy your upcoming vacation:)

AL said...

hooray for feeling the baby move!! it's awesome!

congrats on 20 weeks!

Panamahat said...

Happy to hear all is well!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. I am with you on the boob experience... I am on the smaller size so-I think the transformation is great-!
I tried the granny apple trick last night and I was amazed that it worked! Thanks for the advice!
Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Stephanie said...

Ha, I love how you explained your boobs to your husband! And I have to agree about the sex thing - it is a bit awkward and the last time we had sex, I got a horrible back pain which intertupted things for about 5 min. Not exactly romantic. I'm your newest follower!