Thursday, October 25, 2012


My new thing: napping on the floor in my office. It's comfy, but the carpet leaves an imprint in my cheek (I am a side sleeper). Plus, if students knock on my door, I have to hurry and get up and look like I wasn't just napping.


Anyway, my first OB appointment is Tuesday. I am wondering if I'll get an ultrasound. I hope so. I did, however, get my Baby beat fetal doppler on Monday. I rented one with the last pregnancy, and like the neurotic I am, I rented it again. I love it, really. I heard bebe beating away at 175 BPM. Same as A's at this stage.

I am still feeling nauseous on a regular basis, but not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I barfed this morning,   but it was less violent than previous days. Yeah!

Question for you toddler mommies: Did your toddler grind his teeth? Gawwwwdd...A has been grinding his newly acquired teeth lately and it is driving me bonkers. Like nails on a chalkboard. I am sure this will pass, but if you experienced it with your little one, when? When did it pass?


erika said...

Teeth grinding ... is still giving me chills. We had from around 8 months and he seems to be over it by now at 14 mo.

The Doppler is a re-assuring, but also a fun thing to have.

I hope you get a great US appointment and will see lot's of tiny details!

Kari said...

Hooray for dopplers!! I found that I felt this one so much sooner than the last so I didn't use the doppler for long. Hope you get to peek at your appointment.

jill's infertility document said...

Congrats on being 10w3d today! Glad to hear your nausea is under control.

Kim said...

Is renting the doppler more cost effective than buying on? (Im guessing it would be, otherwise why else?) My nephew grinds his teeth, not sure how long it continues for. I grind mine and Im an adult!

Alex said...

10 weeks - how fabulous!!! I'm so jealous that you get to nap in your office. I have a small window out to the hallway, so I'm not sure that would work... Have fun at your OB appointment! I bet you get an ultrasound to see that little one. My Alex only has 2 teeth on the bottom, so no grinding yet. Definitely wouldn't look forward to that!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Sounds like your growing bebe is doing fab! YES with the teeth grinding! I hated it! But like everything else... "this too shall pass!" ;-)

Roccie said...

Put a manilla folder under your sweet little head.

Anonymous said...

Napping on the floor.... only pregnancy induced exhaustion can make that sound comfortable :) My boys do not grind their teeth....yet. According to the other comments it appears as it kind of normal.
Hope your ultrasound went well.

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

I love that you nap on the floor! Whatever it takes to get through the fatigue, right?

Thank you for the tips on the Doppler!