Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CD 20, I'm still here

I've been reading blogs but have not been responding as well as I should. I'm working with a crappy internet connection since I'm out on break.

No news here. When not actively TTC, there seems to be little to ponder about. I am tracking my cycle days and CM but just not temping or anything else. There was a tiny spot of brown on my TP two days ago, and I am secretly hoping that was implantation spotting. HA! Probably not.

I have been making DH google IVF stuff so when we go to the consult next friday he is prepared. He thinks we should try IVF in India or some other country where it is cheaper and just make a long vacation out of it. Anyone ever done that or know someone who did that successfully? If we are going to spend $12,000 and up for one cycle, why not make it exotic? Would you consider this option if you could get time off work?

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jill's infertility document said...

I know PollinationChronicles.blogspot is pursuing IVF abroad. I would definitely compare programs when that time comes for me.

Best wishes for your consult next week.