Sunday, August 15, 2010

CD 31, and a BFN

Last night I got the courage to go get some tests and a basal thermometer since I tossed the last one out in an infertility fit back a few months ago. Anyway, my bbs are still sore and full, but other than that, I have no AF symptoms. I am sporting a nice yeast infection I think, so I added some of that medicine to my shopping list last night. So, $60 later, I got home with a box of three EPT tests (I usually buy First Response but I figured that since those never work for me, why not try a new brand). I woke around 6 AM and took my temp. It was 97.9 which is normally post-ovulation temp, but who knows since I haven't temped this cycle or any since my last fit. The I went to the bathroom to do the dirty deed and it was not positive. I think 31 days is the longest I have ever gone before in terms of my cycle days, so WTF? This is unusual for me, and of course, like any good infertile, I have been obsessing about it.


Back to the classrooms tomorrow. I am not particularly looking forward to it, though. I want one more week of vacation...Alas, though, because I am on a plane Friday morning to see my friends up north where the temps should only be in the low 80s during the day and the 60s at night. I'll need to bring a sweater!!!


Alex said...

So weird that you're 31 days... Maybe your hormone levels aren't high enough yet to register - still hoping for you!

jill's infertility document said...

Sounds like you've had a rough few days. I'm sorry. I'm sending you some of the internet hugs that the IF community gives so well and hoping af's so far no show ends in a +.

erika said...

Nothing like a frekin' one-lined test to ruin the day:((( I am so sorry about the BFN.
I am still holding onto hope for you. The unusually long LP might be a good sign! hang in there, Girl!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the comment!

A.E. said...

I am so sorry. At the very least, you can look forward to the plane ride to cooler temperatures. You will need a sweater : ) Thinking of you, dear.