Friday, September 18, 2009

cycling on the moon

This isn't going to be a post about Lan.ce Arm.strong. I'm talking about the female cycle. What I have noticed this past year is that my body is now cycling with the moon. Over a year ago, I use to get AF on the full moon. Now I am flowing with the new moon, which I understand to be the "natural cycle." I've read up on this since I've been TTC. I am someone who has a regular cycle (28-31 days) but never really paid much attention to the moon and the cycle until I started charting.

A piece of advice that I was given was to sleep with the shade open during the full moon so that my body gets the appropriate light, etc., to sync up. I've been doing that, and I can't say for sure if that has helped, but I do seem to O closer to the full moon, and I get AF the day before, on, or the day or two after the new moon.

I even went so far as to get my na.tal chart written, and although it sits in my inbox, I have yet to fully understand what it says. It's quite amazing how much time and energy are spent devoted to the worries and wonders of fertility for us IF-ers.

Today's poem of the day: Jim Simmerman's "Moon Go Away, I Don't Love You No More."

Who knows why, really.

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