Monday, September 14, 2009

That time of the month

I'm referring to CD 24, or about a week before I expect AF. This time of the month, I search fert.ilit.y fr.iend "find charts like mine" to see if all of my work resembles someone else's with a "+" sign. This time of the month, I start making deals with a higher power. Around this time, I think about how utterly schocked I will be once I find out, I think about how I will tell DH, how I will tell family and friends. Once I've got the Polly.anna out of me, I think the dreaded "what if it'll never happen" again this month, then dream of the ideal place/city/country I could be living while I live out this life, childless.

And although I declared that we were TAB this month, the brain doesn't calculate it and continues to buzz and churn.

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