Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreaming on Tuesday Morn'

Had this lovely and colorful dream before the alarm went off this morning. I was celebrating the 2010 new year with 3 friends (none who I recognize) and after I drank champagne, three of the four of us took a HPT. Two were positive, one was negative. Mine was one of the positive ones, so I took another test and that too came up positive. I searched the party for my DH, and when I found him (it was more like a fuzzy image of some dude) I told him the news. There was much joy in this dream, and although the whole thing was hazy, there was high energy and happiness in each room I entered.

I hit my snooze button three times, hoping to return to this place

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Jill said...

Aaargh! I can never make it back into the good dreams!