Wednesday, September 14, 2011

41 weeks

I received an email from congratulating me on my baby's first week. I laughed. I guess I am carrying around a one week old baby. ha!

Still no news yet, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the late morning, so hoping for progress! I've been a bit stir crazy. I felt well enough in the back to go for a 2 mile walk today. I'm trying any and all methods of natural induction, and as of yesterday, I bought a hand pump and expressed my breasts for 10 minutes on each side. Hello, can someone say contraction action? I did it around 5:00 pm, and then went for a small walk with the dog, then had some major movement of the uterus for over two hours. It all subsided around 8:30pm, but never the less, yikes! I was alone and a bit scared of it all. I read that this method needs to be done sparingly so one doesn't over stimulate the uterus.

Today I bought pineapple because I heard that pineapple works, too. I'll be having pineapple for dinner tonight! Yumm!

I also hopped on amazon and purchased my workout dvds for post baby. I bought Radiant Mom Yoga and Post Natal Pilates all with the hopes of toning my core and belly. I know I won't be going to yoga on a regular basis like I used to, so I need home motivation, and these dvds seemed to call to me.

Oh, and the fertility clinic called earlier today. My IVF nurse wanted to see how it all went. I gave her the same story I've been telling people all week, but when I hung up, I thought, oh, my chart said triplets. I wonder if she thinks I am 41 weeks along with triplets! I don't see why the MFM or my OB would have consulted with the clinic after the confirmed loss of the identicals. Hmmm...I bet she's walking around the office right now scratching her head. Oh well. I'll call with an update once baby has emerged.


Alex said...

Interesting about the breast pump! I guess that could stimulate the uterus! I really hope that the doc will tell you tomorrow that things are on their way!!!

And I had to laugh about your RE office - I bet they think you're a medical miracle! :) Hang in there!!!

Gurlee said...

Wow, that little one wants to stay put, huh? Any day now, right?

Ashley said...

OMG, this sucks so hard! I hope that baby comes out tomorrow. I think it's a girl. Your ticker is also creeping me out.

Good luck at your appointment!!

Kari said...

I hope there's some progress tomorrow and baby decides 41w 1d would be the perfect day to make an entrance!! :)

Rosie said...

Hello there! I just wanted to tell you that I have been lurking with my hands full of baby, completely unable to comment, sorry! But sending you lots of good vibes and wondering often how you are. It's funny that we conceived on the same day (on the full moon, which also was an eclipse I think, and the solstice) and I had my baby a month ago and here you are still! You will have your beautiful baby in your arms within days, I'm sure, and your life will never be the same, it will be sooo much better! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Roccie said...

What are you talking about. STILL?? I must admit I admire your ability to eat pineapple. I ate so much during Implantation Days that the smell of it makes me sick to this very day.

Is your baby too big for the ticker now?

I though induction was today?

Roccie said...

Ah, induction on the 19th.

Holy Moses.

Fairytale Ending said...

Wow you sound like you're doing well for being one week past your due date. Keep up the walking...hopefully all the extra moving will give Baby the hint!

Anonymous said...

I hope things start progressing soon. I look forward to reading your birth announcement soon. Best of luck!