Monday, September 12, 2011

Is this labor?

I think I might be in early labor. I started having some regular BH-like contractions last night after our dinner party. They were a bit more intense than regular BH. They don't really hurt; I would describe them as feeling like intestinal cramping as if I have to use the bathroom. They are around a minute or less and are coming anywhere from every 15-20 minutes to sometimes every 5-7. Very irregular. It actually woke me up a few times when I would finally fall asleep.

My head and heart are wrapped around the idea that this baby would emerge around the full moon. This morning around 4am was the full moon, so if this is labor, then he/she is beginning to emerge. The blast transfer was during the full moon, so wouldn't it be appropriate for the baby to come during the full moon, too?

DH drove me nutso last night. I tossed and turned, hit the couch, all the normal stuff I've been doing since this crazy back pain. However, each time I moved, he shot up and asked, " Are you OK? Is it time?" It was cute the first 100 times, but after awhile I got a bit bitchy and said (in a bitchy loud voice) "I'm FINE!" I apologized 100 times and he was so incredibly sweet and never mad at me for being a diva. I told him nicely this morning not to treat me any differently, and if I think this is more intense labor, I will let him know. He went to work today, thank goodness, because I don't think I can handle him asking how I am every 15 minutes.

Today is day 1 of maternity leave. I think I might get my nails done and a brow wax. And I have laundry to do. And I have sleep to catch up on.

Come on, baby!


Fairytale Ending said...

Ohhhhh this sounds promising...fingers crossed this is IT for you!!!

Enjoy your pampering, it might be the last time you have the chance for a while:)

Gurlee said...

sending you good thoughts, I hope this is it!!

Roccie said...

I dont know a thing about real labor but it sure sounds like the real deal.

I bet you are miserable. Come home baby - come out and come home!!!

Kari said...

Sounds like the start of the real deal!! Good luck and may your labor be all you're hoping for it to be!!

Alex said...

Oh I hope this is it! Everything's crossed for you