Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lap/Hystereoscope Questions

Hey all--when anyone has time, can you send me some comments/suggestions about what to expect after the surgery? I'm trying to gauge how I'll feel afterwards so I can plan accordingly. And any tips or pointers, as well, would be so helpful. I am scheduled on a Thursday in December at 12:30 in the afternoon. How long until I am on my feet and dancing around the room?

If you like, you can link me to your blog page that discusses your lap/hystereoscope if that is easier.

Thanks ladies! I've still got a few weeks, but I am a freakish planner and want to start preparing both physically and mentally.


Jess said...

The surgery is fairly simple and easy to recover from. The day of the surgery you will come home and sleep most of the day (at least I always have). The day after I was slower and my stomach was tender but not too bad. The third day was better and I was back to normal except some cramping and tenderness. Honestly, not bad at all. The only time that I ever had any problems or pain was when I developed a UTI from the cathater.

MK said...

I'm getting both done in December too! I'll be anxious to hear your report once you're recovering. :)

Allison said...

I really should post about this... but it's somehow therapeutic to write it out over and over again.

As an experienced lapper (twice over), I can tell you the most unexpected part is the shoulder pain. Your doc will fill your tummy with gas so s/he can see (or whatever) better. For some inexplicable reason, that gas will decide it must escape through your shoulders. It's weird. It hurts. Take your drugs and sleep it off.

The incisions are small, but your insides may feel...a little scrambled. Even though you'll look at the incisions and think "I should be fine, this looks like nothin'!" - remember that it was still surgery. Don't rush. Listen to your body.

My first lap was on a Wed. Back to work on Monday, and I was okay. Not dancin' around the room, but manageable.

My second lap was, I think, on a Friday. I went back to work on Monday, and it was way too soon. I went in for a couple hours and then went home. Didn't go back until that Wednesday.

I think my pain tolerance is pretty good; I've heard stories of ladies taking a full week off work. I've heard stories of ladies weeding their gardens the next day. My best advice is to take it easy for at least that weekend, and play Monday by ear.

Best of luck... if you have any questions, drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Here is my story...

Make sure you get you rx filled for your pain.

Lookingforaplussign said...

Thanks, y'all for spilling about this.

Noelle said...

That is my entire lap experience, and I wrote some on the posts before and after this one too. Good luck!!!