Friday, November 27, 2009

Having an affair...with my DH!

For the first time in, oh, years, we are not TTC this month. With the orders of abstinence from the OB because of the upcoming surgery, I've been forced to ignore the CM, the ovulation pain (ouch! today!), the sex drive that comes along with this time. And although I am not temping, I am still charting my signs on FF (damn them! I paid for a year and I am going to use it for that time).

It's bizarre, actually.

Plus, we aren't doin' it, and that's weird, too, but kinda in a oohh-you-can't-have-me kinda tease. It's been a little fun, I won't lie. Not the tease part, but the anticipation, and the other stuff! Ladies, I feel like we are dating again and I'm not giving it up! hahahahaha This kind of passion seems to have been lost with all the timed BD and stress. I am enjoying this playfulness. I'm not kidding. I feel like a teenager!


Circus Princess said...

Love it! Just what you need :-)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you found that lovin' feeling once again !