Tuesday, December 1, 2009

freak-out, pre-auth, referral, how much do you want for that?

So a few minor stresses these past weeks or so.

1. I am still waiting on the ins. company to approve the lap and hysterscopy. "Pended," it says.

2. Blinking blinking waiting on approval for a stupid blood test I had at the RE: ladies, have you had this test? Well, don't, or, wait a bit on it. I guess during the whole hoopla at the RE office, I agreed to a cystic fi.brosis blood test, DNA thing (why I did I do not understand...I don't care if my baby has any "defect"--I just want to parent a child). This blood test is $1300 and some change!!! WTF? My insurance company can't decide if they are going to pay for this. I guess you are allowed one in a lifetime, so maybe they are checking to see if I had this before...uh, um, but right now I have that tab hanging over my head.

3. Damn the Internet and google!! I have been obsessed about my unknown prognosis and have freaked myself into a corner...should I be concerned about the scarring from the lap and TTC? Seems like I should be. I hadn't thought about it but some people say I should be concerned. What's the dealio? Has anyone been knocked up successfully after a lap? My friend was fine, but is she the only one? Seems to be the case, according to google!!

4. My surgery is for 12:30 in the afternoon. No food or water will be fine, but can I brush my teeth that morning? I hope so!

5. I have been spotting every day since AF left. Spotting and I mean pink some days, brown some others, brown sticky goop on other days!! I am ruining my panties and I hate practicing yoga with undies on! bleah!!!!!

6. I was such a spaz on bla.ck Frid.ay that I repainted the entire bedroom--I went from medium green to a light beige...hello three coats of paint, sore back, and I am still high from the fumes.

7. My 12:30 surgery happens 24 hours before DH leaves on a trip to see his parents. He offered to cancel the trip and I said "hell no!" If he doesn't go see them, they'll come here and I am in no mood to handle crazy in-laws this year.

8. I am tempted to open the nice bottle of red wine right now...it's 2:30 in the afternoon. Not a good idea, huh?

9. If I open that bottle of wine, I'll be too trashed to practice yoga this evening. I need yoga. I do not need wine.

10. Do I really mean #9?

11. It is 50 and raining in my sweet city; my puppy is pissed because he is stuck inside.

12. Thanks for listening.


Jill said...

1. I hate insurance companies. With every fiber of my being.
2. See #1
3. Sorry, I have no knowledge here.
4. Brush your teeth, just no drinking the water. Or get those wipey things.
5. Yuck. I'm sorry.
6. Craziness, but I hope you are happy with the result!
7. I truly hope you will be feeling up to taking care of yourself by then. :)
8. Why not?
9. You may need wine more than yoga at certain times. Today may be one of those times. Or you can have yoga first and then wine. I give you permission for either.
10. No.
11. No fun for puppy but I like a good rain now and then. Something I am lacking here in the desert.
12. Not a problem.

Kitty said...

You sound like me, LOL.

I actually found some statistics regarding getting pregnant after a lap, and although I don't remember what they were or where I found them (they seemed legit though, truly!), I remember it basically amounted to increased chances of pregnancy if you have endo removed via lap. I didn't think to search statistics if you have the lap and DON'T have endo... Hmm... But the scarring from the lap is so minimal, I highly doubt it causes any real problems.

Regarding the wine - if it's after noon, wine is always appropriate! ;)

Allison said...

My doc didn't warn me about scarring, and said that the odds of getting pregnant after a lap are "increased." (Not for me, apparently, but for others, I guess. LOL) So. Best of luck!

Yes, brush your teeth. Your hospital should have a pre-op appointment with you to go over in explicit detail what you should/shouldn't do the night before and day of surgery.

Wine... yummmm....

addingtothepack said...

Oh insurance companies...drive me nuts.

I am pretty confident that any time after noon is good for red wine (and before noon in emergencies).