Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cycle day what?

I think I am on CD 18, but who knows. This cycle had no mid-cycle spotting, and my CM is pretty much "whatever." For three years, I could predict each CD, how much CM, and the spotting. Now I feel like I need to get to get reacquainted with my lady parts.

Also, DH and I discussed the upcoming TTC events, and with my insistence, we decided to wait until the February cycle to begin cl.omid and menop.ur, mostly because I begin a new semester with new classes and new students, and if my brain is about to be tricked into early menopause, I'd like one full month of normalcy before I get nuts and crazy. The possible side effects of these fertility drugs freak me out a bit. Plus, if all is still on, this next cycle will be the good tube getting the egg, so who knows; maybe my romantic idea about natural conception will occur.

On a completely different note, the farmer's market today had the most delicious veggies I've seen in months; I was blown away by orange and purple cauliflower, gorgeous fennel, hearty rutabagas, and lots of heirloom peppers. And broccoli!!! It's going to be a fun Tuesday!

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addingtothepack said...

Happy New Year!

I am glad you have a treatment plan in place.

I am very jealous of your farmer's market haul. We are in the middle of the winter produce blahs around here.