Thursday, December 10, 2009


Made it home by 6:00 today. I am a little goofy/woozy from the drugs, but the only thing that really hurts is my urethra from the catheter. When I pee I want to scream.

The questions of my IF have been answered: my ute was loaded with polyps and fibroids (all gone now), my both tubes look good, but the dye did not go through the right one, and my ovaries looked awesome--the left one looked like it had ovulated this month, so that is good news. I am cycle day 25, so that is accurate.

The best news is that there was a teenie bit of endo outside my ute which she got rid of.

I am clean, and I got a DVD of the before and after. That, my friends, makes the pain worth it.

I'll post more tomorrow. Cheers, and I hope my lap buddy, Kitty, is doing well, too.


Circus Princess said...

You have a DVD of your insides?! That is WAY cool :-)

Glad everything went well.

Al said...

Glad it went well and you're feeling okay!!

Anonymous said...

I am catching up with my reading since having computer issues and I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery ! Hope you feel better soon ! ((((HUGS)))

Kitty said...

That is great, I'm glad you got some answers and that you're not feeling too bad :)