Sunday, December 13, 2009

Laparoscopy and Hysterscopy part II

Now that I am off the Vico.din and feeling more like myself, I plan to write a bit about what I know and how these two procedures may have answered my IF questions.

Hystereoscopy: the RE was able to explore the inside of my uterus. She found that the majority of it was covered in either polyps or fibroids. My vag US in 2007 did not see this, but the most recent one in November observed a large polyp. In addition, my HSG in August showed abnormal uterus, possible fibroid. So, the RE cleaned out the uterus, and she even gave me a DVD showing some of the procedure. Mostly I was able to see what she saw: the before and after. Also, the RE was able to look at the fallopian tubes from the inside and said they both looked great at the opening. Afterwards: right after surgery, I had a bit of blood, then brown spotted and leaked a bit of fluid. Two days after, I am bleeding a bit, but I am due for AF, so that might be it.

Laparoscopy: the RE was able to explore the outside of my lady pieces. She saw a small fibroid on the outside of the uterus and got rid of it. She found a tiny bit of endo and got rid of it, but said that this had nothing to do with my IF. She also was able to look at my ovaries and fallopian tubes. They looked great from the outside, and the ovary I ovulated from this month had the cyst/egg sac, so that is great. Again, she did the lap on CD 25--most laps are done before ovulation. When the blue/purple dye was put into the uterus, she saw that the right tube did not leak but the left tube did. This was already confirmed from the HSG, but the HSG did not confirm the look and the health of the tubes. All looked good to her, and again I received a DVD of the before and after. Afterwards: tender feeling around the incisions. I had three: one in the bellybutton that required stitches and two others that only had tape on them. I was a bit puffy/bloated in the gut for about 48 hours. My surgery was Thursday afternoon, and today, Sunday, I feel like I can fit into jeans again. The sharp pains from the CO2 were masked by the Vicodi.n, but when I went off the pain pills 48 hours later, I felt them a bit. Holding my arms up in the air helped; also, child's pose and forward bend also helped with the pain. I must stress that this was not pain, but it was discomfort and really annoying. But not painful.

My honest opinion: Both of these procedures gave me answers, or at least clarified some of the questions surrounding my IF. I now have a cleaned out uterus, which according to the RE was probably the thing holding me back. For almost two years I had mid-cycle spotting, and I was told that spotting was "good" and meant that I was fertile. The truth is that the mid-cycle spotting probably was coming from all the bits and pieces growing in the Uterus. Who knows. I do know that I wished I would have pushed for something like this earlier with my OB. I was not aggressive enough; I know my body, and I knew that something was not right a while ago. Will I get pregnant? I don't know. I do know that I have done everything I can do at this stage. I will continue to eat well, take prenatals, meditate, practice yoga, exercise, laugh a lot, enjoy my husband and my friends, and try to love life. My outlook and my attitude are the things I can control, and that's all I can do.


MK said...

Thanks for your post! I'm glad you have some answers now and I'm crossing my fingers for you that your cleaned out uterus will help you conceive.
I'm a little nervous about my lap/hystero, but I mostly look forward to it. Like you, I want answers!

Jill said...

Glad to hear it went well! I really hope this jump starts the ttc. And great news that you ovulated. Hopefully your little baby cooker is all cleaned out and looks like a great place to spend 9 months to the next little baby that wanders in!