Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 hours

Hey all, sorry I haven't been responding to all your wonderful posts. I finished up the semester yesterday, toasted with my fellow teachers at our Christmas gathering (yup, champagne at 1:00 on a Tuesday!), then began to prepare the house (and the fridge) for my post-op. I have my lap and hysterscopy tomorrow at 12:30. I just got back from the doctor and the hospital for the pre-op stuff. I haven't been to a hospital in years and years, and it seems that everyone in this place hates their job. The admitting person was cranky, the phlebotomist almost made me cry when she took two vials of my blood (I have always been stellar at giving blood--you can't hurt me, or at least I thought), and even the volunteers were bitchy. WTF?

I hate hospitals.

But the RE's office was awesome. After my pre-op consult with the doc, I sauntered over to the desk to pay and I got "Good luck tomorrow" or "We're pulling for you" from every nurse. And when I got to the desk to pay, she, too, was super excited for me and my surgery. It feels like I am going in tomorrow to play an important basketball game, and I've gotten all the high fives from the fans. My RE office rocks, and those nurses, lab techs, and office managers are always smiling. I can't imagine how shitty and tough it must be for them to deal with crazy infertiles. They seem to get it, and that is all I can ask for.

So my plan for today was to eat one final delicious meal (done already, had a brief lunch with DH), run errands (done), and clean and cook. The RE said the enema or bowel cleaning was up to me. She recommends it, but says I don't have to do it. I think I am going to roll on over to the drugstore and research my options. I am not thrilled with the thought of this process, but I think it might be best, since I may have endo around the lower bowel.

So, the rest of the day= washing the dog, reading blogs, laundry, eating fruit and veg, clean out the car, cook, and yoga. I hope to see you all on the flip side, and I promise to tell all the details once I have the energy. Thanks again to all of you who helped with the emotional prep these past few weeks.



Circus Princess said...

Good luck tomorrow! *giving a virtual high-five*

Kitty said...

Good luck tomorrow, lap buddy!! I hope everything goes smoothly and they get you all straightened out inside. :)

MK said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck! :)