Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve eve, making plans

I should have written this post yesterday, but since DH took a 10 day vacation from work, we decided to remodel the bathroom and have been in the thick of it since Sunday.

Yesterday was my post-op appointment, and bing bang boom, we are now in the clomid-menopur mode of planning. Turns out that the big plans are to start crazy TTC like never before. RE says to call the office on day 1, then bloodwork and US on day 2, then Clomid 100X2 per day for days 3-7, then a shot of menopur for days 8-10. No sex on day 9, but sex on day 10. Day 11, I get an US, lab work, and post-coital test to see if the swimmers have enough juice, etc, then plan to HCG trigger. Did you get all that? I am still spinning.

So you mean we shouldn't try on our own for a few months now that I am all cleaned out?


What about eastern meds? herbs? teas? acupuncture?

No, no, and no.


I am blown away by the clinical-ness of it all (I am sure this is not surprise to you all who have been through this and so much more), but I am still a bit of a romantic and believe that it may (and I mean slightly maybe) happen naturally.


Oh, and here's the kicker...this is a package deal, kinda like a spa. I got to see a menu-like form that showed me the package prices for this deal. $850 includes all-you-can-eat ultrasounds, a smorgasboard of bloodwork, any face-to-face appointments, all up until I ovulate. Don't get me wrong...the price is fine and right, but the menu-option thing is bizarre, and I can't help feeling the consumerism of infertility.

All in all, though, Merry Christmas!

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tishi said...

you could decide to try on your own for a bit if you wanted to, couldn't you? I'm sure though you would like to get things up and moving, but maybe if you REALLY feel like you can do this on your own now that everything is cleared you could say you would like a bit more time before buying the "package"? maybe you could ask what the harm would be in waiting a few months?