Thursday, May 13, 2010

CD 13, all loaded up

I just got back from the IUI. DH's sperm count was 129.5 pre-wash and 22.5 million post wash, 86% motility. I guess these numbers are really good (rated 3.5 out of 4). I called DH to tell him and he was quite happy.

I started feeling ovulation-cramping yesterday afternoon and evening and I had a bit of trouble sleeping (although I am not sure if it was from the diet coke I drank at 8:30--shame on me!). Also a weird thing I noticed was some dark blue veins along my hip bone and skin by where I think would be my ovaries. DH said I looked 'roided up.

So I am off to think of happy swimming and a happy meet and greet up in the ol' uterus. I go for a progesterone test in 7 days and then I just wait.

This is a 2 week wait that I have waited a long time for. Happy Thursday, all.

what's up with these uterine cramps? how long is this going to last?


Jill said...

Good stats. Best of luck for (1) not going crazy during the 2ww and (2) that BFP!!

Allison said...

Woohoo!!! Go swimmers and eggie!! Have a nice howdy-do and then get busy!

Good luck, CJ!

Kari said...

Good luck!!