Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CD11, trigger tonight

I just got back from my US and labwork. I took to the meds very well. I have three dominant follies (two on my left and one on the right!) and my lining looks great (graded 12A, which I guess is really really good).

Here's the kicker...DH and I were instructed to have sex last night because I was getting a post-coital test today, and when Dr. S went to get the sample of semen and CM near my cervix, I had NONE! Did you hear that? Not a drop. I was bone dry. Could this have been the problem all along?

So I trigger tonight at midnight, then IUI at 12:30 PM Thursday. I am so very excited. I know this is not a for-sure way to get knocked up, but I feel like I am one step closer to a BFP. Wow. Just wow.


Alex said...

Three follies is great! That's bizarre about the post-coital test. Very interesting - perhaps the IUI is exactly what you need!

Good luck with the trigger, and the IUI - so very exciting!!!

Kitty said...

That's awesome! GOOD LUCK!!!

And I am going to print this post out and make my doctor give me a post-coital now! He always says it's a "useless" test. :P

Basic Girl said...

3 follies is awesome!! And perfect lining, good good stuff going on here! Maybe the IUI is the missing piece of the puzzle, good luck!!