Saturday, May 8, 2010

CD8, menopur shot 1, club soda

So I am preparing for my first shot of meno.pur. I am doing it solo since DH has to work late tonight. I'm not too freaked out; instead, I am actually excited. I've laid out the first round and reviewed the instructions several times. In fact, there are several clips from gals who showed exactly how to do it with pointers and tips.

Where would us IFers be without the internet?
On another note, we just moved to a new part of the city since we sold our condo. My dilemma? It seems that there is some unspoken rule about where people are allowed to park, i.e. parking is only allowed in front of YOUR house and no one else's. Huh? WTF? We are subletting a house for a lot of money per month, so I feel like I should be able to park just about anywhere I want. This is an urban environment with city streets, parallel parking, etc., and since we have two cars, we can't ever park where the next open spot is? I remember this rule when I lived in Chicago, and those who shoveled out their parking spot sometimes put chairs in it to "reserve" it. I guess I can get that, although I never ever ever reserved parking for myself.
The kicker? In front of MY rental house is reserved handicap parking!!!!!!!! So that means I can't park there because I don't have a handicap sticker! So DH and I can't park anywhere. Trust me, I already tried and had old man crazy yelling at me. This is absolutely insane that people are so territorial. I just don't get it.
Thanks for listening to me vent. We only have a two month lease, so it is very very short term. I am trying not to be so negative and bitchy, especially since I am trying to grow my follies and I need positive energy! Ah!!!!!
Oh, and I find that drinking club soda makes me happy, so a drinking it I go.


Alex said...

No problem with the venting - that's what we're here for! That seriously sucks about parking - good thing you're moving soon.

And I love club soda too! Have you tried it mixed with cranberry juice with a lime? It's my favorite non-alcoholic drink in bars. Plus it looks just like a Cape Cod (vodka & cranberry juice) so my friends are none the wiser! Plus it's so refreshing! Enjoy those shots! ;)

Allison said...

Go shots, go! Hope the first one was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

I wouldn't handle the stress of Where To Park every day very well. LOL Glad it's short-term!

Kari said...

Good luck and I hope last night's shot went well!! That parking situation sounds like a nightmare. Seriously. Hope you're able to park both cars more hassle free in the future.

Jill said...

Oh, how annoying about the parking! If they don't pay for that spot, they don't own it!!

Best of luck with the shots and follies to come!