Monday, May 3, 2010

It's on, baby

My US results are fine, and the bloodwork came back with my FSH at 7.4 ad E2 at 86. Time for meds!!!

I pick up the clo.mid later this evening and take 100 mg for five nights, then I inject myself with meno.pur for three nights. Then lab work and US and then trigger. It's really happening!!!!

So I know I am always harping on the money thing, so here goes: Although I only need 3 vials of meno.pur, I have to buy 5 at $60 a pop. Then I have to pay for the trigger shot and the suppression shot for a grand total of $600 bucks just for the meds (not including clo.mid). Plus the fee for the doc is $850 without IUI. Are you counting this up? Cause it sounds like it is going to be closer to $2000 than $1000 which will be no problem since I am getting knocked up this cycle. hahaha But really it comes down to chance. I happen to live in a state that thinks highly of "family values" but does not mandate insurance to cover fertility treatments. If I lived in Massachusetts or Illinois, I'd be golden.

I am fortunate to be able to pay cash for this cycle. Others can't and then won't pursue this treatment and that just sucks.

Come on ovaries! You can do it!


Alex said...

Nice work! So excited for you to be able to start this cycle!!!

I hate the amount of money this stuff costs. My current IUI cycle with injections cost about $3,500 - makes me sick...

Kitty said...

Ouch! But you are right, you are totally getting KU this C!!

Woohoo! Go ovaries go!

Allison said...

GO CJ!!!!! You WILL get pregnant this cycle, you WILL get pregnant this cycle, you WILL get...

That's me, cheering in your corner. :)

addingtothepack said...

Yay for the cycle getting started!
The finances blow. I would just close my eyes and sign -- and be thankful that I was in a position to do so...but ugh, just ugh.