Friday, July 9, 2010

CD 24, 11dpiui, the challenge

I feel compelled to never POAS again now. I am supposed to do it Monday morning, but if it is negative, I'm no doubt going to be upset and cry. Same for Tuesday-Thursday, so that means I should test one week from today since I don't teach on Fridays. Yup, that would give me 18 dpiui. I told DH this and he laughed but then said that it was a good plan. He knows me. He knows that although I know there is about a 2% chance this cycle worked, my heart is still counting on that 2%.

I'm still popping premetrium up my you-know-what, and I am thankful for all you who suggested I wear pantyliners. No ruined panties this month. No "symptoms" of any kind, but the truth is since I've been doing TCM, I stopped having PMS signs. I never get sore bb or bloated now that I am eating my blood stagnation diet. So I guess I won't know until AF shows up, which will inevitably be delayed since I am taking progesterone.

Ugh. This post sucks.

I had a bikini wax this morning (I chickened out on what would have been my first Brazilian wax), and I have a pedicure at 2:45. Oh yeah, and yesterday I had a big fat cheeseburger and fries from my favorite bistro to toast my 2nd interview that went, well, I don't know. The interview was dumb dumb dumb. I feel like this is just a dog and pony show, and that they already know who they are promoting, and that they are just "interviewing" to have some sort of paper trail in case someone cries foul. I didn't do too terribly, but I can't say that I rocked it either since the questions were so dumb!!

Oh well. Off to the yoga studio to clean.


Kari said...

Enjoy your pedicure!! It doesn't hurt to wait to POAS. those things lie anyway sometimes. the longer you wait the more accurate it is. still crossing my fingers for great news when you do POAS!!

Kitty said...

Are you seriously going to make me wait until you're 18 DPIUI? Torture! I know what you mean though, I hate, hate, HATE seeing those negatives. Hang in there!!

Well, at least the interviews are over, right? Good luck! I hope it works out and you get that promotion!! Maybe you're the one they want :)