Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CD 6, 100th post

Happy 100th post to me.

Our IVF consult is scheduled for August 13 (and for those of you who are superstitious, that's a Friday the thirteenth, thank you very much). I plan to have a long list of questions for the doc, so any questions you think I should ask, please feel free to shoot them my way.

TCM today was good. I asked her about Royal Jelly, and if I should be taking it. She seemed to get little ticked at my question, but then followed up by telling me that the treatment she has for me is specific to me, and that's all she believes I need. Also, she believes that since I have been so good at my treatment, I should get another HSG in three months or so. She believes that my tubes can reopen as long as I keep with the blood stagnation diet and herbs. So I am meditating on that.

Still no news on the job promotion front. Well, I am off to run with the pups. Here's to my blog being 100 posts old. Let's hope for a productive baby-making next 100.


Jill said...

Happy 100 posts indeed! Your next 100 should definitely be all about your pregnancy and baby - I'll definitely be hoping for that for you!

Gurlee said...

Happy 100th post! Here's to Friday the 13th bringing you luck!

Kari said...

Congrats on 100 posts!! Good luck at your IVF consult!!

Alex said...

Congratulations for 100 posts! That's so awesome! And yes, your next 100 will definitely involve a baby!!!