Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CD 29, AF where are you?

I'm now waiting for AF. Yes, I tested again this morning and got another BFN, so I am pretty confident I am not preggo. Frankly, I am quite fine. DH wants to try one more round since he says he screwed up this last IUI. I know the original plan was to wait for IVF, but heck, what's one more round of IUI? So as you can probably imagine, I am searching and calling and begging for AF to get here so we can move forward.

On a very positive note, I am glad to be back in my routine. I spent the last 6 weeks with my body on a calm regimen, hoping to achieve preggo news, but that didn't seem to work. Now that this cycle is over, I am running again, doing some power yoga, and overall sweating and exerting myself. I feel fantastic this week (other than sore muscles) and I think that is helping me cope with yet another BFN. I love exercise and sweat. I've got acupuncture in about one hour, then I am running. Yipee!


Gurlee said...

Ugh, no AF yet? I hope she hurries up so you can get onto the next one!
Yay for sweating, running and acupuncture!

Allison said...

Sorry that AF is now taking her time to find you... Grrrr.

HOORAY for running and exercising!! On the advice of my NurseLady, I haven't run in MONTHS. I do think it's helped my progesterone go up, but gosh DARN I wonder about the negative side effects of not working out - both mentally and physically.

Kari said...

Plenty of babies are created using IUI alone so I say go for it!! I will be following along and cheering for success. I'm glad your old routine brings you peace.

Kari said...

IUI has been known to get people pregnant so I would absolutely give it another go if you and your husband are up for it. I'm so glad that your usual activities are able to restore some peace within you. I'll be following along with your journey rooting for success with the next IUI. :)