Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello...I am waiting...(updated)

I said I wasn't going to obsess, but come on already. They said they'd call before noon, and it is 12:29pm and still I am waiting for the day 3 embryo report. Does this mean it's bad news and they're waiting for the RE to get the info to call me? I feel like a 14-year-old here, staring at the phone, waiting for a boy to call.

It's now almost 6:00pm, and the clinic never called. Hmmm...tomorrow is Sunday, and I think they monitor on Sundays, so I'll call or drive on over and see. I don't know. Maybe they don't plan to check the embies until Monday's transfer. I dunno. Oh well.


Allison said...

I'm gonna go with "they're busy and probably short-staffed because people are taking time off work for holiday shopping."

I hope they call VERY soon. Thinking of you!

Kari said...

I doubt that it's bad news. But I do hope for your sake they call you ASAP!!

Kim said...

uuhhg sorry they havent called, I would definately call there tomorrow. What kind of babysitters are they anyway?@?! ;)

Circus Princess said...

No news are usually good news in my experience :)