Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on the 6th days of meds, my RE said to me

Time to order more Menopur! Yup. You know, I started with a mountain of meds, and now I am down to 4 vials of menopur plus the gonal-f pen the clinic gave me and the follistim pen the clinic gave me. I shouldn't complain. It looks like I won't be buying more Bravelle or gonal or follistim, but hell--12 more vials of menopur and that will be another $860. Ouch! Each time I've been shooting up, I think "This injection is worth $400," and then I say "Cheers!" before I stab myself. Really, this is my Vegas. I'd never toss around money like this. (((sigh)))
Sunday I attended one of the most thrilling yoga workshops! I haven't stopped smiling since, and I am planning to shoot up and head to the 8:00pm class tonight. I feel fine. My ovaries aren't kickin' out any pains, so why not? I can still exercise, right? I've googled the piss out of it all day, and my google-ball tells me that it is OK.
Oh, and I celebrated my last day of the semester with NO champagne. I told my coworkers I was getting sick, then proceeded to cough a few fake coughs.
Tomorrow is more monitoring in the am. I'll post more then.


Alex said...

Ugh - I hate how much fertility meds cost! I love that you say Cheers every time you shoot up. And I think easy yoga is just fine as long as you're comfortable. But don't do any crazy bendy moves or anything... Happy monitoring appointment!

Jill said...

Ugh, the unfairness of having to pay to get pregnant when it should only cost as much as a few beers... Enjoy that yoga, I think it is probably great for you right now!

the good eggs said...

Yoga can only be good for you...I went to classes every night my senior year in college (it was just that stressful) and I know I only made it through because I had that class to look forward to.