Friday, December 10, 2010

My Slovaries

WTF dear ovaries? Why are you taking so long to grow our eggs?

I've been demoted to 10 follies: two at 14mm, four at 13mm, one at 11mm, two at 10mm, and one at 9mm.

WTF? Now the RE is thinking that we are looking at Wednesday for retrieval.

My acupuncturist yesterday said my pulses are weak and deep, suggesting something internal happening. Duh, no shit. Then she asked if I was eating "cleanly." Yes, I am eating very cleanly, and clearly it's not working.

So now I just opened a bag of popchips (bbq flavor) and a can of soda. Clean eating is clearly not working, so I'm going to be dirty today.

Why am I so angry? Because, once again, my body is not participating in this whole IVF business like she should. grrrrrr


jill's infertility document said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your follies. I'm hoping they grow, grow, grow over the next couple of days. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Alex said...

Ugh - c'mon follies, get to work! Keep talking to those ovaries and tell them to grow. It will come - some people just take a little longer to stimulate. Sorry you had this disappointing news today, but it's still going to happen!

Kari said...

Slow isn't a bad thing. My RE always wanted slow and controlled. My crazy PCOS-ovaries weren't into that, and I think part of my egg quality issues were because there wasn't that slow growth. I know those monitoring appointments get old, and the meds are expensive, but try not to fret the slow too much. Good luck and enjoy the chips and soda!!

Gurlee said...

Don't worry, and don't focus negative energy towards those hard working ovaries! They will come through, mine took a little longer than expected but they produced. You can do it!!
Every day is a small victory in the IVF process!

Ashley said...

I heard slow growth is good! Also, "natural" IVF's are becoming more popular for male factor people so I know of 3 people for real who got preggo and gave birth to healthy babies with just one follie. Keep your chin up, you're almost there!