Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's on!

I was a bit nervous. They had me waiting until the lab results came back. I saw that big ol follie/cyst on my ovary, but it turns out I'm OK to go. I've only got 5 follies growing. Normally when I was monitored for IUI I had at least 7 at the beginning. Those cycles I went in on day 3, though. Today is only day 2. Hmm.. I asked the RE if we should wait. She said, "Wait for what?" And that basically there's no such thing as a perfect cycle. We can wait a month, but maybe next month something else might come up. She knows this is it for us. She knows that this $10,850 I paid today wiped us out. This is it. She also said we can cancel the IVF and switch to the cheaper IUI if necessary. Then she said she wants me to get pregnant more than I probably do. I bet she says that to all her patients. Nevertheless, I liked hearing that.

My labs results:

FSH seems really really low, but I guess it's all good. Hmmm..

My protocol is 225 of Menopur and 225 of Bravelle tonight and tomorrow night. I go in for bloodwork on Saturday to see how the dosing is working on my body. Happy stabbing to me!

I can't believe I'm finally here!


Jill said...


Gurlee said...

Good news! I had the same mix of drugs, maybe you can save your leftovers for me after you bfp ;) good luck and I appreciate the shout out, it means a lot.

Alex said...

YAY - you're on!!! And everything looks all good - happy stabbing!!!!

Kari said...

Whoo hoo!! Congrats!! Crossing all my crossables and can't wait to hear what Saturday brings!!

Kim said...

And your off!!! All great numbers to start....I really hope this is it for you! xxoxoxox

Francie said...

yay! Keeping things crossed for you - I hopefully won't be too far behind with my IVF.