Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Acupucture and acupressure

Last night was my third appointment with my TCM doctor, and she showed me a couple of places to administer acupressure. Find the webbed part of your hand between your thumb and forefinger, then move up slightly to the meaty part. There. Now, apply pressure either in pulses or one long hold for one minute, switching hands, and doing this twice daily. This should be uncomfortable a bit. She said this point, along with one above the anklebone but not on the leg bone, has been shown to cause the uterus to contract a bit, enhancing blood flow and almost acting like a suction for implantation. I am to do this every time we BD and twice daily until I see/know that I have ovulated. This acupressure point is contraindicated in pregnancy, though.

CD 8 and my temps are still low, OPK monitor is at "high."

Hope you all are well. I am trying to stay upbeat and energetic, although I expect to be crazy again now that the spring semester is underway. A new cycle has begun on that front, too. New students, new material, and a new attitude. I love the beginning of a semester. There's always so much promise, impending let-downs, and surprises. I hope my own personal cycle shows me some surprises this month, too.


Kitty said...

Cool, thanks for the info!! I'm going to try that next C too.

Good luck with the new semester!

tishi said...

Hey, I thought I would just share this link for anyone who is interestd....on this page you can download an acupressure for childbirth booklet. I know its for "childbirth" but the points you mention are in this booklet and then you can use it for childbirth when that time comes....I use it with all my clients:


tishi said...

oh and I put "guess what everyone...the lizard's on fire and my carpool is leaving" on my facebook and it DID feel good, but only one person said "like" haha, and she's slightly nuts!

Lookingforaplussign said...

tishi-ha! great! I am glad you did that. Thanks for the link to the acupuncture site.