Sunday, January 17, 2010

CD6, this one is gonna be the big one

hahaha here's to positive thinking.

So today is CD6 and already my OPK monitor is saying that I am at a high level. Hmmm... that's pretty early. Also, I am trekking along here with the TCM, monitoring my food intake, feeling so very hungry and not satisfied most of the time. And cold. And I have had headaches since my first acupuncture appointment. I don't know what the heck is going on with me. I attributed the headaches first to quitting coffee, PMS, and then maybe the weather changes here, but every day? My head hurt so much on Thursday that I left school at 1:00 and went to get a massage. My shoulders were really crunchy and he said that I had a lot of tension.

Yesterday, while watching the afternoon football game and shredding mucho paperwork, I was shivering, chattering my teeth and all, and it wasn't even cold outside or in my home. I also had a nasty whole head headache, so I took a hot hot bath and soaked for almost 45 minutes. I felt a ton better after that.

Am I detoxing? Is my body freeing its Qi? What the heck is going on with me? Maybe some of this is in my head, but after the bath and after still feeling hungry, I ordered a pizza and pigged out. I have an appointment with TCM Monday evening, and I plan to ask a ton of questions. Today (so far), I am headache-less, so that I good news. \

Here's the deal: I am getting pregnant this month. There, I said it. Out loud. Yes, everyone. This is the month. Now, back to munching on some quinoa.



addingtothepack said...

Sounds like detoxing to me. I hope it passes quickly.

I love your power of positive thinking with the pregnancy declaration!

Al said...

I hope you're right and this is the month!!

Allison said...

GO CJ! I'll chant it with you: "This is THE month, this is THE month..."

Hope the headaches go away.