Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ICLW week, hello y'all

Welcome to the blog; I am getting pregnant this month. hahaha

Really. I am trying.

Been TTC for a few years,and have just recently begun traditional chinese medicine (TCM) as the first step in my fertility treatments post lap/hysteroscopy, although clo.mid is next on the table if we decide. I'm a one tube-working kinda gal. That's my diagnosis.

I turn 35 this Saturday, so I won't be around that day, but I promise to double up on my commenting as soon as I am back in town. Cheers!


Gurlee said...

Me too! hahaha! Hello & nice to meet you.

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your day! Be sure to celebrate!!!

I too have been TTC for a little over a year. I have tried some western intervention but I taking a break & trying out some TCM & acupuncture. Perhaps we can experience pregnancies together.

Rach said...

oOoOo I LOVE your get ahead attitude and really hope that you DO get pregnant this month, will look forward to reading about your BFFP!!


daega99 said...

Have a very happy birthday!!!


Lu said...

I hope the TCM works! I tried acupuncture, but there are so many other things (herbs, nutrition, etc) that can influence fertility through TCM that I wish I had tried early on in TTC.

Best wishes!

junebug said...

I just had my lap and this week we decide the next step. I hope you see your BFP soon. So many people talking acupuncture I just might have to look into it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday !!

Christina said...

Best of luck to you! I loved acupuncture so much!

the subfertile frugalista

Willow said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday!