Sunday, January 24, 2010

CD 11, TMI post

Friday was CD 11 for me, and low and behold, my 35th birthday. Here's how my day went:

6:00: woke up, POS for fertility monitor---says I am peaking!!! wooh hoo because we have been BD every day since CD 7, so lots of boys swimming around.

9:00-1:00: Teaching

1:30~ Come home, go up to the bedroom to pack and WOOOOSH, a whole lotta CM came pouring our, really watery, and a bit of spotting. I checked it out, called DH upstairs, and we did the deed. The woosh of liquid really felt like a sign.

4:00~ drive out of town to a little place up north to spend the night. In the car, I am feeling massive O pains. I notice that there is a good amount of pink blood in my CM. This reminds me of pre-lap/hysteroscopy mid-cycle bleeding~~the kind my OB told me was a good sign but others said was probably due to the polyps. I am feeling anxious and antsy.

6:00~~ Still some O pains, but I am too excited to care since we are headed out on the town for a little birthday dinner. I stop taking the herbs per TCM protocol. Dr. A said I should halt the use of the current herbs once I feel/know I have O'd. Also, I stop doing the acupressure, too.

The rest of the evening was pure fun and enjoyment. I love staying in hotels if only for the pool! Happy 35th. Maybe some magic happened that day.

Yesterday I temped a bit late and it was around 98.0, and today I was at 98.1, a clear sign that I ovulated. Hoooraaay!

Mid-cycle bleeding has pretty much ceased, too.

Egg, meet sperm. Sperm, meet egg. Now, fertilize. I'd make a great Mom.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Those are great signs - and hope they continue.

I'm also letting TCM take the lead. My acupuncturist prescribed herbs for the follicular phase and LP - which all taste like drinking mushroom juice. Best of luck that this is the month --

Tanya said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Wahoo for O'ing and on your Bday! I hope it results in a late Bday present.

Kitty said...

Woohoo! Go, swimmers, go! I have a good feeling about this :)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get the best present ever :)

T Lee said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you caught that eggie!


Serendipity said...

Happy Birthday!

BEst of luck in your tww, i hope it geos quick for you and you get your BFP at the end of it :)

addingtothepack said...

I hope your 35th was magical! Happy Birthday!