Friday, January 29, 2010

CD18 7DPO, dip-see-doodle

I'm back to my old tricks again--damn you, fertili.ty friend and your chart comparison thingie. My temp dropped this morning, still above the coverline, but .4 degrees from the normal post ovulation temps. So I scoured FF's chart gallery, looking for a chart like mine that got a BFP. Some did, some did not. Then I googled the piss out of implantation dip and got positive and negative info. Why am I doing this you ask? Oh yeah, because I am nutso. And also because I have (no lie) 8 loads of laundry to get done tonight. Why tonight? Because three of those are yoga towels (I do laundry for my yoga studio as a trade), I have no clean undies, and DH needs white t-shirts for work tomorrow. Yes, last weekend's birthday extravaganza left me slacking on the clothes. In addition, I should be cleaning up the house a bit since we have a showing tomorrow at noon! So much to do, and yet FF keeps pulling me closer.

Enough of the craziness here. I already told you all I'm getting knocked up this month (hahaha). Why am I even stressing about any of this?

In happier news, DH and I were invited to a Mardi Gras ball. We've known about this for months and months, but of course silly-me-slacker-hopeful-to-get-preggers didn't buy a dress until earlier this week, and thank goodness I found something. Actually, I found TWO dresses at a consignment store for a grand total of $113. I couldn't decide between the maroon flowy floor length one with strappy straps OR the kick-ass contemporary strapless black floor length ballgown. I think I am leaning towards the strapless black one. The ball is February 6, which (if you are all following along here) would be 15 DPO. So since I will be pregnant for the ball (hahaha I can't stop with the craziness), I'll probably be the only sober one at the party (which, ahem, I am totally alright about).

Come'on little egglet--I know you got fertilized--you just need to implant right about now.


Jill said...

thinking implant-y thoughts for you :)

Beckie's Infertile said...

Fertility charts in general make me a little crazy! You can see patterns but at the same time they can be sooo different!

The Mardi Gras Ball sounds like a super fun time. Being pregnant though would make it so much better!

Tanya said...

Me and you are nutso together! I am horrible with things right now, I am also about 7 DPO and wondering when I can test already. I am a major POASaholic though so I'll be lucky if I can hold out til 10DPO.. :) Sending Baby Dust your way!

addingtothepack said...

Ugh - laundry. We are also trying to dig out from underneath a huge pile this weekend.

I am sure that you and the baby will look fabulous in the black strapless dress. :)

Allison said...

GO CJ!!!! Hope you got all the laundry done - yikes!

LMAO @ "little egglet"... that's awesome. :)

Lookingforaplussign said...

Thanks, y'all. My temp this morning jumped back up to 98.36 which is right where it normally hangs out post O. We are all too nutso, really!

Mom Genes said...

Your attitude is contagious!
Oh, you'll have the best time at Mardi Gras. And I hope you WILL be the only sober one there. You'll be having a little party of your own, huh?
Thank you for your comment this morning. It really made a big difference it my perspective.