Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CD 15, you mean it's not a good sign?

So, turns out that ovulation pain is not a good sign of fertility according to TCM. Hmmm...how can eastern and western medicine be at odds with this? Dr. A told me that ovulation pain suggests stagnation. Oh, BTW, stagnation has become my middle name I suppose. My acupuncture appointment today was calming at best. I was not given any herbs for this second part of my cycle, so we'll see. I was truly hoping for the secret potion that would make this all be one BFP soon, but I guess not even TCM can promise that.

I am still feeling very positive. My dietary changes really have made me feel better. I am less tired even though I am so busy with the new semester. In addition, my list of ingredients is even more manageable now that I learned to use amarynth instead of white rice to make sushi. Trust me, I do miss a big ol' fat cheeseburger, though.

And fries. And meatloaf. And chips. And booze!!!


Beckie's Infertile said...

Good for you for sticking with it! Hopefully you will get you BFP!!

Gurlee said...

Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a great bday, hooray!
Different hebs for the first and second part of your cycle, really? I am still waiting for some herbs from my acupuncturists. Must be regulated first, ahhh!