Friday, June 25, 2010

CD 10, growing growing

On another note, my monitoring went well. I'm waiting for a call about my bloodwork, but my left ovary has 4 follies growing and the right has about 8 or 9! They aren't all big yet; a few are above 14 mm, so I am not quite ready. The nurse thinks that I might have to come back for more monitoring tomorrow or Monday and possibly a Wednesday IUI. Again, I won't know until she calls. I'll update later when I find out.


Just as I was posting this, the nurse called. Ok. I do another vial of menopur tonight and a ganirelex (sp). Tomorrow I go in for US and BW at 8:00 AM, then most likely I will trigger tomorrow night and IUI Monday.


This is faster than I thought!!

I'm off to Dr. Google now. My blood work showed my E2 at 730 (excellent, I guess, according to the nurse) and I want to read up on the ganirelix.


Kitty said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Good luck with the appt tomorrow, hope everything continues moving along on schedule :)

Catholic guilt is the worst, I have it too. As if we don't give ourselves a hard enough time! Take it easy :)

Alex said...

Wow - very exciting - IUI on Monday!!! Enjoy this weekend, and take it easy!

Kari said...

Whoo hoo!! Congrats and I hope Monday's IUI goes smoothly!! :)