Sunday, June 13, 2010

weird question to you all

Ok, I probably know the answer in my gut, but do you think it is safe to purchase fertility meds through other IFers via the web? The reason I am asking is because if I start thie new cycle, buying meds will put me out another $500. Based on the online postings, I can get the meds from others for over half the cost. I emailed a couple of people and they responded, but it feels weird because they have 5 or 6 boxes of one drug.

I know it's illegal to purchase prescriptions like this, but hand to hand, infertile to infertile, can't it just seem like a donation? Any thoughts on this? Anyone ever purchase hcg or the like from anohter infertile (or one posing to be one?)


MK said...

I'm not sure it IS illegal, actually. If you go to, you'll see there are quite a few women who sell their fertility meds, yet that site hasn't been shut down.
In all honesty? I think I'd do it if the meds were unopened and I knew it would save me hundreds.

Shanel said...

I would feel weird about it too but if it will save you money and the meds aren't expired I would say give it a shot once.. and then if you're ok with it still then continue... at least that's what I would do.

Lookingforaplussign said...

@MK- that's one of the sites I was on. I am just puzzled as to why one would be left with boxes on menopur. I wonder if some of these resalers are actually selling fake meds or getting them from illegal ways.

@shanel-I'm still thinking about buying from them, though. I mean, $300 is $300, right? Thanks for your insight

addingtothepack said...

Well, I just sent my extra meds to another IF blogger earlier this month (I gave them away though, didn't take $$ for them). I had a surprise break cycle BFP and didn't know it until after I had ordered the meds. Of course I only had 2 boxes & an Ovidrel pen, not a whole stash.

The one possibility that comes to mind is that some people have insurance coverage for the meds, but not the treatments, so maybe they swing getting extra generous med prescriptions and sell the extra to pay for their treatment cycles?

Mom Genes said...

I received gonal-f from a girl who cycled at my same clinic and had extra. Actually, she gave it to me for FREE and I gave her a gift certificate to a restaurant in return. We became friends and the rest is history. I'd definitely recommend donated meds but I'm unfamiliar with the sites you're speaking about. Let us know what you decide.

MK said...

"I am just puzzled as to why one would be left with boxes on menopur."

I actually have some Femara and a trigger shot unopened from a few months ago. I'm not pregnant; I just didn't feel like taking them that month. ;)
So yeah, I'm not surprised that so many women have "leftover" meds.

Shirley said...

oooh...I wondered the same thing. It is a wonderful IF community out there and what would someone do with all that extra/leftover anyway? But I guess with anything on the internet, just be cautious. Keep us posted!