Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fertility ball

So my newest fertility-boosting thing I am trying is the fertility ball. Actually, I cheated and bought a soft 3 pound weight ball as seen in the picture with my dog. He thinks that anything circular in shape is for him, so I'm going to have to hide it from him. I found it at Marshall's today for $3.99.

Yeah, the fertility ball. I'm sitting on it now because apparently, the pressure on the peritoneum strengthens the root chakra and will open up my qi. Which will increase my fertility. Apparently. There are other things I can do with this ball, too, for this. I sound snarky, but I am really going to give it a go.

I had my first facebook breakdown. I was looking at some pictures and noticed a friend standing next to someone I knew from grade school. She still talks to her, and apparently, this girl is pregnant with her first child. Why that bothered me I do not know, but I called up my friend and flat out asked her, "Is X pregnant?" and of course she replied "Yes." I flipped out, ranting about how the heck did she get pregnant, etc. Look, I am not proud of myself for this outburst, but it happened. Luckily this friend of mine is a really close friend and has gone through IF shit before, so she knew where I was coming from.

I am over it now. On to my ball, my positive thinking, and prayers for a good exam tomorrow.


Panamahat said...

oh yeah, the grade school-mate pregnancy thing. I don't love it. I am the last of my entire class to reproduce. One has already been a GRANDMOTHER for a couple of years now. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? I am being lapped by my grade school-mate's CHILDREN? WTF?

Good luck with that fertility ball. Might be the only thing I haven't tried yet... ;)

Kitty said...

Ya know, I'm open to trying anything too. If sitting on a ball could help, by all means go for it!

That sucks about the breakdown, but it happens. At least you didn't flip out at the pregnant girl :)

I'll be sending you positive thoughts for your exam today too!